Slow Green Thing ist eine Stoner-Doom Band aus Dresden. Die Band wurde 2013 gegründet und startete mit Stoner Rock auf ihrer ersten EP „I“ (2014). Die Band etablierte sich in der Stoner-Doom-Metal Szene mit ihren Longplayern „II“ (2016), „III“ (2018) und „AMYGDALA“ (2020). Harte Riffs mit doomigen Unterton, Einflüsse aus Stoner und Hardrock kombiniert mit Gesang, welcher an ein Mädchen in Ketten erinnert, ist das, was die Band einzigartig macht.

Slow Green Thing is a stoner-doom band from Dresden/Germany. The band was formed in 2013 and started of with stoner rock on their first EP „l“ (2014). Moving on from that they established themselves in the stoner-doom-metal scene with their LP’s „II“ (2016), „III“ (2018) and AMYGDALA (2020). Heavy riffs with a doomy undertone, influences into stoner as well as heavy rock combined with vocals, reminding you about a little girl, which is lying in chains, are what sets these guys apart.

Slow Green Thing 2020

The first SGT release happened early 2014 with „I“ EP, containing 5 songs and counting about 30 minutes of playing. It was recorded by a Dresden based dude Hannes and has its authentic, raw and heavy touch:

Since end of 2015 the band is collaborating with the Fuzzmatazz Records label.

Besides gigs, which happened before the great pandemic almost every month, the band was working on new songs and then for the first time entered a professional studio end of 2015. Niklas Wenzel (Virtuose Vibes Tonstudio) did a great job as a sound engineer and the bands first long player record „II“ has been released in June 2016 with 7 songs and about 50 minutes:

Two years later the band was ready to release the next record – „III“. Since the co-working with Niklas and Virtuose Vibes Tonstudio was satisfying, the band went one more time to the sacred halls. The songs are now more experimental than the previous records, the record saw the world in April 2018:

Almost at the same time further new songs were created, so the band had enough stuff to be recorded – and the dudes did it again at the Virtuose Vibes Tonstudio. The fourth record is called AMYGDALA (July 2020) and has its own very special touch. The record was released in the middle of the worldwide pandemic situation. Although it was almost impossible to get a live show this time, the band happily found an opportunity to do so and a real record release show happened with help of local Dresden based subculture dudes from Elbsludgebooking in front of happy and high folks:

Starting from 2020 the band had again a lot of time for creative work and so new ideas have been transformed into 6 new songs which great new attitude. The self managed recording process started in 2021 and is about to be finished during 2022.

Sven – Guitar / Vox
ex Burning Motors
Jörg – Drums
ex Red Wave
ex Fyretyre
Dave – Guitar
currently at Black Karma
ex Stonehead
Martin – Bass
ex Steaktransfer

Record label:


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